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Hospital dining will never be the same again. That’s our promise at Dish Room.

At CVSKL we have given serious thought about giving our patients and visitors, not only medical care, but also a culinary experience like no other. The menu offering created by Chef Najib, (the person behind the successes of Serai, Jibby & Co, Jibby East, Jibby Chow, Kreate Takeout and Naj & Belle) blends east and west to create unique and mouth-watering dishes. Dish Room was created with not just hospital patients and visitors in mind but also to casual diners who simply appreciate a memorable dining experience. 

Soak in the ambience and let your taste buds do the rest of the work for you. We look forward to serving you at Dish Room. 


Koffee Bar by Kreate

Conscientiously sourced from local farmers which is from the highlands of Indonesia and the Cauca state in Colombia. Our high-grade green beans are carefully selected and blended that creates flavourful profiles, which will have your palate beguiled. 

If your stomach is rumbling, we have plenty of offerings, from sandwiches to pastries. If you’re down with a heartache, indulge in our artisanal cakes. We will go the extra mile, to get you back your smile. 

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